About R Fainting Farm

paintballnewbornwatermarkFounded in April 2001, R Fainting Farm is owned and operated by Sharon Reeves and family.  We are a small farm located in the suburbs of Mobile, Alabama, just two miles from the interstate.  R Fainting Farm is a private farm and is not open for viewing from the general public, however those interested in learning more about the breed or looking to purchase goats are welcome to schedule an appointment for a visit.

Our goals are to raise Myotonic Goats (aka Tennessee Fainting Goats or Nervous Goats) that are muscular, structurally correct and genetically sound.  We have carefully selected breeding stock from across the U.S. and offer kids in a variety of colors.  All of our goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR).

Our adult goats have all tested negative for CL & Johnes and are retested every two years. Last tested 5/3/18.

poultry watermarkIn addition to the fainting goats, we also have chickens, turkeys, ducks, two livestock guardian dogs and many barn cats. Be sure to check out the farm photos section for pictures.

Most of our fainting goats are the standard size (aka medium), but we also have a couple of mini-sized does for our customers who prefer the smaller sizes. We have a variety of colors, some with blue eyes, and have both horned and polled goats in our herd. I prefer the sleek, short haired fainting goats to the longer haired ones due to our hot and humid climate.

Our goals have evolved as our herd has become more diverse with genetics from all over the U.S.  My current project is to get a more uniform look to our goats so their kids will consistently have faster growth rates, good parasite resistance, nice muscling, and good conformation. Though we enjoy having goats with flashy colors and blue eyes, we breed for good muscle, conformation and hardiness first, and coat color and eye color last. I feel it’s very important for everyone to have goals for what they are breeding towards, to both protect and improve the genetics of this wonderful breed.

Enjoy your goats!

Sharon Reeves