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December Kidding Results

ninjabread newbornWe’ve finished our December kidding with a total of 16 kids, 9 bucks and 7 does. The sires of this group of kids are Fox in Socks, Rock Band, Murky and Ace. All the kids are healthy and moms are doing well, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Here are a couple of pictures, but you may see all of the kids on our Recent Kids page.

guitarhero newborn


Kids Are Arriving!

melody buckling

Our first kids of December have arrived! The mom of these buck and doe twins is R Fainting Winter Melody and the sire is R Fainting Rock Band.

Here’s a run-down of the other does we have due this month:

Chocolate Pudding
Cherry Pie

We’re looking forward to lots of fun!

melody doeling

Breeding Season 2014

murky lf 7.14We started breeding earlier this month by putting R Fainting Murky in with a group of experienced and first time does. He was very interested in Black Diamond and Mona Lisa, so I’ll be watching closely to see if they go back in heat.

We will also be using R Fainting Rock Band this month so I’m looking forward to having some more of his gorgeous kids. IF these July breedings take then we’ll be expecting kids in early December.


Our newest buck Ace will be used for a couple of does this season, but I’m letting him grow a bit more for now. I plan to wait until early September before putting him with the girls.

Dream Chaser gets a much deserved year off and Fox in Socks may be used on an individual goat or two, depending on how many of Murky’s does go back in heat.