herd2 7.14 watermark


R Fainting Oopsie
Sire: R Fainting Casino Magic
Dam: Cripple Creek’s Jersey


R Fainting Winter Melody
Sire: R Fainting Camelot
Dam: Eddie Taylor’s Dolly


R Fainting Bug Girl (aka Buggy)
Sire: Patterson’s Menagerie Hercules
Dam: Princess Patty RFF


R Fainting Snickerdoodle
Sire: R Fainting Houdini
Dam: R Fainting Flicker


R Fainting Showme
Sire: Coyote Creek RB the Hummer
Dam: R Fainting Showbiz
polled & blue eyes


cupcake sprinkles rt 11.14
R Fainting Cupcake Sprinkles
Sire: R Fainting Rock Band
Dam: R Fainting Snickerdoodle


cherry pie rt 11.14
R Fainting Cherry Pie
Sire: R Fainting Rock Band
Dam: R Fainting Cherry Blossom (ET3 doe)


dippin dots lf 10.14
R Fainting Dippin’ Dots
Sire: R Fainting Dream Chaser
Dam: Fainters in LA Frostie


kravgirl front
R Fainting Krav Girl
Sire: R Fainting Macho’s Fox in Socks
Dam: Lickskillet Acres Black Diamond


krispykreme rt 3.15
R Fainting Krispy Kreme
Sire: R Fainting Rock Band
Dam: R Fainting Winter Melody


jingles rt
R Fainting Jingles

Sire: Fainting Grits Aces & Eights
Dam: Fainters in LA Frostie
blue eyes


moonlight fire 2wks
R Fainting Moonlight Fire

Sire: R Fainting Spyro the Dragon
Dam: R Fainting Cupcake Sprinkles
blue eyes


wonder woman 2wks
R Fainting Wonder Woman

Sire: Fainting Fox Romeo
Dam: R Fainting Oopsie
blue eyes


mardigras face
R Fainting Mardi Gras

Sire: Fainting Fox Romeo
Dam: R Fainting Winter Melody
blue eyes